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Zurich airport to Bern, affordable private transfer

Book your private transportation from Zurich airport to Bern, up to 7 people incl. luggage.

Thanks to the efficiency of the A1 motorway, it only takes an hour and 21 minutes to cross the 128.4 kilometers that lie between Zurich airport and Bern. We offer private for only Chf 250.-. Some tourists find that this is a great way to travel, as well as renting their own vehicles, as they can stop whenever they want to check out any points of interest or attractive photo opportunities. It really depends on how much time you have on your hands, for instance you may take a while finding a place to dine that appeals to you. In any case, if you have your own car you can really look into the different attractions that this part of Europe has to offer.

The charming mountaneous landscape will confirm all the ideas you had about Switzerland that you probably got from films. But the sights will exceed your expectations, especially when you arrive at Entlebuch Valley, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and neighboring Upper Emmental Valley with its dream-like mountains and blue watered streams.

No matter how you arrive from Zurich airport to Bern, you´ll fall in love with this medieval city. The Old city, is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but is home to many other UNESCO-listed sites as well. These include the Cathedral, from the 15th century and the Holy Ghost Church.

Bern is home to some of the finest museums in the country. If you are interested in contemporary art, head to the Art Gallery Bern or to Kornhausforum. If interested in art of all time, the Museum of Fine Arts will surely meet your needs. There other museums that cater more specific interests. At the Swiss Alpine Museum, skiers will find tons of information about current ski reports and their surrounding areas, while at the Swiss Theater Collection, visitors will be mesmerized by the objects and costumes that show the history of theatre in this part of te world. Travelers should´t miss Einstein House, where they will be acquainted with another side of this universal genius.

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