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Every spring in Basel, Switzerland a trade show is held for the international watch and jewelry industry, the Baselworld. Here, these types of enthusiasts can check out the latest models and designs that have sprung up. On average, it comprises more than 2,000 exhibitors from all over the world including 45 countries that specialize in quality watch, jewelry and even precious gems. It´s a pretty big deal drawing more than 140,000 attendees who pay on average 60 CHF a day, and are interested in these aesthetics that dazzle and awe the eyes.

This amount of interest grew over time as this event is a hundred years old and expanded from a national watch show to an international trade show that encompasses 160,000 square meters of goods and companies. It is therefore no wonder that it lasts little over a week as you simply can´t check out everything in a single day.

The first Swiss watch exhibition happened in 1931 and it was not until 1972 when companies from other European countries including United Kingdom, Italy and Germany were part of the show. As years pass by, the show, which was renamed in the early eighties just Basel plus the numerals of the exhibition year, the show opened its doors to other non-European countries. The how changed its name two more times, in the mid-nineties it was known as The World Watch, Clock and Jewelry Show and the new century as Baselworld, The Watch and Jewelry Show. The show continued to expand over the last two decades, this has translated into an increasing exhibition area, which succeeds in accommodating all new exhibitors.

Baselworld is what´s referred to as a trendsetting event that draws attention from all corners of the world. Unsurprisingly, it includes a press conference, there, the biggest players in the world speaks to the means including, print, TV and digital media so that people around the world can keep up with what´s happening in Basel. This far, 4,000 press representative are drawn to this event and people from around the world can tune in through the internet free of charge.

It is a good idea to check out Baselworld website. Here, you will be able not only to purchase tickets, but also learn about the current list of exhibitors and be informed about all you need to know to attend this event, including visa, hotel and tourist information about Basel. The site includes useful tips to keep in mind if you are an exhibitor, including warning about specific companies known to have scammed attendees. Just click on the Exhibitors and scroll right to Warnings to know the latest warnings.

Under the Exhibitors tab, you´ll also find other useful tools such as access to a work pass which can help you in setting up you stand and when the show is over to dismantle it, and reliable information about building your stand including employee policies when hiring foreign workers.

Also be sure to download Baseworld App. Here, you´ll have information about events, exhibitors and any news worth knowing when visiting this renown exhibition at the tip of your fingers.

Please, mark you calendar for the next exhibition which will be held from March 22rd to the 27th 2018, from 9 in te morning to 6 in the afternoon.